Diary of a Madman Pondo

Eric Gargiulo of the Camel Clutch Blog makes his triumphant return to the podcast to talk about Jerry Lawler’s return and whether the angle surrounding it was tasteless or not. We both seem to be in agreement that it was definitely pro wrestling at its edgiest, but there’s some discussion around peripheral topics to the subject. We then get into Ryback and where he might be headed since he’s probably not going to win the WWE Championship, which goes into talking about, who else, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. We muse about who from the sports world might be a good fit for pro wrestling after Eric regales with a story about Roddy Piper’s hard partying not affecting his performance and me comparing him to Babe Ruth. We also discuss who in the MMA world might make a good transition into pro wrestling. Finally, we talk about Thanksgiving, which is next week, and we discuss turkey, pies and the weather.

Direct link for your downloading pleasure.

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