Blood Luger Lex Majik

Fifty episodes! This landmark episode welcomes Cewsh of Cewsh Reviews to talk about Extreme Rules. We focus in on two matches in particular. First, we break down Brock Lesnar/John Cena, talking about the difference in character, Brock the iconoclast and whether he’ll have ring rust being out as long as he has. We then go into Daniel Bryan/Sheamus, remarking over whether we thought Bryan would get to the level he’s at. We also debate whether WWE might go with another humiliatingly short match like what happened with WrestleMania. We delve into the indie wrestlers who might have a shot to go to WWE, as well as dipping into whether WWE is starting to let guys be their indie characters more and more. I grit my teeth as I somewhat defend Triple H, and Cewsh wonders aloud if John Cena is leaving his perch as THE guy in WWE anytime soon. Finally, we wonder who the next people to enter WWE’s main event scene are and talk a little bit about corgis.

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